Mrs. Collie's Science Class


Science concepts: How well do you understand why, how and what is going on in science? To show that you understand, you will have to express your knowledge in a variety of ways, including on quizzes and in your lab analyses. Often you will need to apply your knowledge to explain a situation that is related to, but not exactly the same is, something you’ve experienced in class.
Science Skills: How well do you maintain your notebook? Can you interpret scientific information, such as graphs? Can you explain how a procedure was done in words and diagrams, or follow a procedure that has been written down step by step? Can you find information about a science topic using books, websites and other sources? these are some of the things you will need to do to show your ability in science skills.
Written & Oral Communication: Scientists have to tell other people what they have learned and why they think it is true. As a young scientist, you will do this too. You will write about your investigations on a daily basis.


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