Mrs. Collie's Science Class

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November 2016

Grade 6 has been learning about the nature of living things, cells, the cell theory, and the levels of organization of living things. We will compare animal and plant cells and learn about a few specialized types of cells. Over the next few weeks (allowing for all the November days off), we will add several technology-based learning tools to our repertoire, which from a practical point of view means managing user names and passwords and keeping those laptops working.

Grade 7 is finishing a writing task based on their investigation of the relationship between mass and kinetic energy. This group of students will also be adding some technology-based learning tools.


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Re-reading handouts and notes is not actually that effective (though better than nothing). To make the information stick, try something more interactive.

Here are some ideas, tailored to the upcoming quiz:

1. Use the handout on rock types that includes physical characteristics and how the rocks form. Ask yourself questions, such as “if it’s made of little pieces of other rocks, what rock type is it?” and “if it’s formed under great heat and pressure what rock type is it?” (or, what kinds of rock will it be? then try to name several rocks of that type)

You will learn & remember best if you make up your own questions, write them out, and practice answering them. Or you could do this as flash cards.

2. Try one of these on-line quizzes: