Mrs. Collie's Science Class

About Science in Room 334

This year in room 334, we will have 2 6th-grade life science classes and 2 7th-grade physical science classes. This means we will have 2 sets of lab materials!

  1. Because of the nature of science, which involves observation and experimentation with actual, physical things, SAFETY is a serious concern. Students will be issued a set of safety rules to learn and follow. One really important thing to remember is to NOT touch science materials until instructed to do so. Class periods are short, and at times your teacher will be juggling materials while YOU complete your warm-up assignment. PLEASE do as you are asked, and do not touch anything until the materials are ready for you and your group, you know what to do, and you have been given the go-ahead.  Students who find they cannot follow this request will be asked to sit apart from the group until materials are moved away or we are ready to get started.
  2. Eating and drinking are not allowed in science. This is a universal rule. If you are thirsty, get a drink before arriving to class. If hungry, you will have to wait! Even though we aren’t always using lab materials, and not all lab materials are poisonous or dirty, it is important to learn and follow standard lab safety procedures! Students will be required to place water bottles on the shelves around the room. If a student is found to be eating, the lunch box or other food container will be confiscated until the end of class.

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